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Authentic First Nations powwows, retracing the steps of early European settlers, experience the life of a seasoned fisherman, or spend the day in the fabled Miramichi river, fly fishing for Atlantic salmon. These are just a handful of experiences waiting for you in Miramichi. Connect to the Miramichi in a meaningful way, and leave not only with fond memories, but with a sense of enrichment and a lifelong tie to the river.

Arts and Culture

Music festivals, authentic powwows as well as an array of historical cultural celebrations, Miramichi is known for its unique and thriving arts and culture community. Whether you’re sipping cedar tea while visiting a 3,000 year old village, paddling a Voygeur canoe down the river, or listening to songs and stories rooted in folklore, the Miramichi offers aContinue Reading


Salmon Fishing It’s no secret that the Miramichi is one of the best salmon-fishing rivers in the world. Come stay at one our many fishing resorts and experience the zen of casting your fly while the river flows slowly past; and the thrill of reeling in the legendary Atlantic salmon. From your first step into theContinue Reading


Learn about the history and culture of the Miramichi at our many museums. Experience the ways of the Mi’kmaq people at Metepenagiag Heritage Park, see the life of a 19th century Scottish settler at MacDonald Farm, or learn about Miramchi’s old shipbuilding industry at Beaubears Island.  Culture, history, legends and folklore all await you inContinue Reading


Week-long festivals, celebrations of history, culture and music as well as community fairs, there is no shortage of special events along the river. Come celebrate our heritage at Canada’s Irish Festival, powwows, and Lumbermen’s Competition, or participate in our annual Miramichi Striper Cup Bass Fishing Tournament. Wherever your interests lie, you can find a festivalContinue Reading


Atlantic salmon, fresh lobster and other traditional Miramchi meals fill the menus of our many restaurants. Classic dining rooms on the river, patios and quaint cafés and diners all make up the unique food culture of the Miramichi. Come taste for yourself the diverse and delicious options the Miramichi has to offer!


Museums, markets, parks and beaches all await you along the Miramichi. With a list of activities and attractions as diverse as the river’s history, there’s surely something for everyone.


The Miramichi Region is just the place to go if  you want to paddle board, hike, mountain bike, take in a game of golf or mini putt, canoe, kayak, fish, take a river boat cruise, watch drag races, take in a festival, or a character tour to learn about our cultural history. Check out allContinue Reading

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Fresh produce and crafts at farmers markets, authentic handmade goods from local artisans and small specialty shops in Miramichi’s Historic districts of Newcastle and Chatham make for a unique shopping experience. Walk the streets among historic buildings which are host to a variety of shops, restaurants and cafes, or head over to one of ourContinue Reading