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Miramichi is known for our friendliness, world-class salmon fishing, and most importantly, our spirit. We invite you to come and Discover Atlantic Canada’s Great Outdoors! 

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Appreciating Our Roots

Time flies by, especially over the course of the summer holidays. For us, who will soon been stepping into our new adventure as university students, it really flew by quicker than we could’ve imagined. I guess we were all just having fun, because that’s when time flies the fastest. This summer we were given theContinue Reading

Time to Cork Your Boots and Go Ashore

“Time to cork your boots and come aboard!” – Azade Haché. Story time with Azade on his famous boat – the Max Atiken kept us thoroughly entertained for a couple hours as we sailed down and back the Miramichi River.  Having had Azade as a teacher in middle school, I could always remember him talkingContinue Reading

Paddling to the Past

Paddling to the Past

Today we headed back to Beaubears Island to take part in their Voyageur Canoe Experience. We arrived at around 10am and were greeted by our tour guides Nathan and Ben. Typically the Voyageur Canoe Experience takes place in a 26 foot, 12-14 passenger canoe, but since it was only the three of us we tookContinue Reading