Indigenous Heritage

Our History

Metepenagiag – tjitjagamitj eimootltjig – where spirits live. In ancient times the Mi’Kmaq established a village where the Little Southwest and the Northwest Miramichi River meet and for nearly 3000 years, generation after generation flourished. The river provided an abundance of fish while the forests offered shelter and many other necessities of life. Metepenagiag is home to two nationally recognized heritage sites; the Oxbow and the Augustine Mound. You can learn about the Mi’Kmaq heritage at the Metepenagiag Heritage Park.

Kouchibouguac National Park titled after the river of the same namesake, means “river of the long tides”. The park lies within Mi’gma’ki, the traditional hunting and gathering territory of the Mi’gmaq. With 26 known Indigenous archaeological sites in the park, the earliest archaeological evidence of Indigenous peoples inhabiting and harvesting the natural resources in Kouchibouguac dates back approximately 4,000 years.

Since time immemorial, the Mi’gmaq have relied on the abundant seasonal marine and land resources for their survival. The first Europeans to arrive in the area that is now Kouchibouguac found willing trading partners in the Mi’gmaq. Over the succeeding centuries, Mi’gmaq territory, especially the rich coastline, was gradually overtaken by European settlements and intense competition for the region’s resources.

Today, the Mi’gmaq maintain strong cultural connections to Kouchibouguac National Park. Mi’gmaq interpreters at Kouchibouguac carry on the tradition of educating and inspiring through the oral histories and wisdom of the Elders as passed down through generations.


Tipi Retreats

Metepenagiag’s representation and interpretation of the Mi’kmaq culture is excellent, and it just got even better – you can now sleep in a traditional tipi. Once you arrive at the Heritage Park, you will be given a tour of the park and then you’ll be taken to your traditional accommodations. You’ll be assigned a tipi for the night and staff will be on hand to assist with the activities around the campfire and lead the storytelling. Ancient Mi’kmaq culture has existed at its life source for over 3,000 years, so there are a lot of stories to tell! Sleeping under the stars, in the fresh air, surrounded by such a rich history is sure to take your understanding and appreciation of the culture to a whole new level. Not to mention, you’ll be disconnected from the noise of everyday life, and at peace with nature, making it a truly spiritual experience. [July 2 – August 31, Monday to Friday 1 day and 1 night]

A Taste of Metepenagiag “Ookdotaan”

Your personal, guided tour of the 3,000 year old Aboriginal community and Heritage Park begins with the heavenly aromas of the cooking fire and traditional foods. It continues with a stop at the Interpretation Centre to view the exhibits and learn more about the lives of the people who called this land ‘home’. Gather fresh ingredients for the tea that will be served with food prepared in an outdoor cooking shelter. Sit down to listen to stories of Metepenagiag before sampling seasonal fish or summer game with wild rice, traditional bread and fragrant cedar tea. Don’t forget to linger around the campfire to hear more stories about this ancient way of life. [June 1st – October 31st, M-F; by reservation]

A Cultural Experience at Red Bank Lodge

Sit down and relax in the lodge where you can view their award winning movie” The Village of Thirty Centuries.” Various art work from local crafters is made available throughout the lodge for our guests to admire. The lodge is staffed by nationally certified interpreters who will be delighted to tell the story of Metepenagiag. At the end of your tour relax and enjoy refreshments.


Voyageur Canoe Experience at Kouchibouguac National Park

Kouchibouguac’s Voyageur Canoe Experience merges an active wildlife adventure with an intriguing cultural exploration. Ospreys, bald eagles and terns circle overhead as your interpreter illuminates the region’s Mi’gmaq and Acadian heritage, weaving historical facts and traditional folklore. You and your fellow paddlers are now connected to this culture, plying the same waters as First Nations and early settlers. Ahead, a 25-kilometre-long stretch of golden sand dunes punctuates the inshore region.

As you approach the sandbanks, a strange sound permeates the air—it is a bustling, barking colony of grey seals, perhaps numbering in the hundreds. These impressive marine mammals—as large as 450 kilograms and, at times, more than two metres long—bob, bask and frolic a short distance from your canoe. Your photographs are incredible; your memories even better. [Mid June until end of August]

Meet at the wigwam at Callanders Beach to learn about the types of dances, crafts, and tools the Mi’gmaq use within their daily lives. [Mondays at 10 am, Wednesdays at 3 pm, mid June until the end of August] 


Big Tex Trout Derby (Metepenagiag) – May 18th-20th

Natoaganeg PowWow – July 18th-21st

Metepenagiag Mi’kmaq Nation (Red Bank) Pow Wow- July 26th – 28th

Esgenoôpetitj (Burnt Church) Pow Wow – August 16th-18th



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The Vogue Theatre

Opening for the first time early in 1950, the Vogue Theatre was touted as “Chatham’s newest and most modern theatre.”  With seating for nearly 500 people, it was the place to see the newest blockbuster release of the day. For the next 50 years, the Vogue Theatre ran as a daily showing movie theatre to […]  More Details

Creative Grounds Cafe

Located in Miramichi East, Creative Grounds Café is a cozy hideaway. Providing comfortable furniture along with free Wi-Fi, they also offer the perfect space to catch up on emails, play board games or meet up with an old friend. Drop by and enjoy an espresso-based specialty drink, coffee and tea from famed Atlantic roaster Nova […]  More Details

Canada’s Irish Festival

July 19th – 22nd, 2019 People can’t stop talking about what a success the 2017 festival was! Big crowds, awesome entertainment, warm sunshine, and attractions to please the entire family. The Irish Festival committee can’t wait to do it again this year! Every year, thousands of people gather on the Miramichi for jam-packed weekend of […]  More Details

The 61st Miramichi Folksong Festival – August 4th – 9th, 2019

Canada’s Longest Standing Folksong Festival The 61st Miramichi Folksong Festival will be held from August 4th – 9th, 2019 at the Beaverbrook Kin Centre, 100 Newcastle Blvd. A musical week of celebration in song, dance, fiddles, Gospel Concert, New Brunswick Day Breakfast and noon luncheons with live music, children’s Show, Fiddle Workshop, Folk feast and […]  More Details

Napan Agricultural Show – August 8th – 11th, 2019

The 27th Annual Napan Agricultural Show is August 8th – 11th, 2019.  Each year, the organizers work together to promote agriculture and community living to the Miramichi and surrounding areas, through competitions, displays and volunteerism. Some of the highlights for this year’s show include: Ultimate Supreme Draft Horse Qualifying Show Wild ‘n Woolly (Kids Events) […]  More Details

Miramichi Scottish Festival – August 23rd – 25th, 2019

Kilt: It’s what happened to the last person who called it a skirt Join us in celebrating Scottish culture on the Miramichi. There will be traditional Scottish music (who doesn’t love the bag pipes?), traditional dishes, vendors, celidh, and dancing. For the full schedule, see below: August 23rd: The Tartan Banquet will be held at […]  More Details

Pauline Young ART

     Pauline is a visual artist who was first exposed to the creative world through her father Phillip Young visual artist, who painted the bottoms on her feet. She still recalls the smooth sensation of paint oozing between her toes. She draws her inspiration from him and the natural environment and is always looking down […]  More Details

Miramichi Folklore Park

Home of the Heritage Players – The Heritage Players is a Miramichi theater group formed in 2006 that is dedicated to preserving and presenting the region’s history and culture in a way that is educational and entertaining to today’s audiences. To date they have produced over 100 performances based on Miramichi characters.  At the Park itself, there is […]  More Details

Miramichi Regional Multicultural Association

The Miramichi Regional Multicultural Association (MRMA) is a non-profit organization that promotes education, understanding, communication, and harmony among all cultures; attracts and assists in the settlement of immigrants and, advocates for the interests of people of all heritages. MRMA’s Settlement Services Office, located at 1808 Water Street (Chatham), provides access orientation, support, and referral services for immigrant newcomers to […]  More Details

Tabusintac Centennial Memorial Library & Museum

Step back in time with a visit to the Tabusintac Museum. See artifacts and pictures that details life in the settlement in years gone by. Learn about the history of the community and its early settlers including Charlotte Taylor, the Mother of Tabusintac. Follow the Steps of Charlotte Taylor and hear the story about her […]  More Details

Water Street Farmers’ Market

The Water Street Farmers’ Market is open Saturdays from 9am-1pm.  There is many food vendors as well as a kitchen staff who offer a hearty home-cooked breakfast. After having a bite to eat, why not check out all the small-town vendors who showcase their goods.  You may see locally grown organic meats and vegetables, handmade […]  More Details

Metepenagiag Heritage Park

Pjila’si… Welcome to Metepenagiag, where people have lived continuously for over 3,000 years. Metepenagiag Heritage Park is a state of the art facility that tells the story of the Mi’kmaq of Metepenagiag. Experience the Mi’kmaq culture that has existed here for over 30 centuries. Enjoy the music and listen to the oral history, handed down through generations by the Mi’kmaq […]  More Details

Napan Bakery

Specializing in German baked goods, the Napan Bakery is the place to stop for pastries, cakes, and breads. Sip on a hot coffee while you dive into a good book or even people watch in this comfortable café on Miramichi’s Historic Water Street.   More Details

Carrefour Beausoleil

The Galerie ARTcadienne provides visual artists from Miramichi and all over New Brunswick with an exceptional venue to showcase their art works. For 25 years, the Galerie ARTcadienne, located at Carrefour Beausoleil School and Community Centre, allows art lovers to discover the works of established and promising artists in the area. The Galerie ARTcadienne has tasked itself with ensuring […]  More Details