Social Media Content Submissions Guidelines

Social Media Content Submissions Guidelines

The Miramichi River Tourism Association is a membership based marketing organization with the goal of attracting travellers to Atlantic Canada’s Great Outdoors. Our region encompasses from Boiestown to Escuminac, Tabusintac to Kouchibouguac.

Thank you for your interest in submitting content to be featured on Discover Miramichi’s social media channels. Given the number of requests we receive and our mission of maintaining a consistent brand identity, we have come up with a set of submission guidelines. Posting is at the discretion of our Director of Marketing.

The Type of Content We Post

  • Member Content – High resolution photos, information about member events, links to blogs and news stories featuring our members. (Please note that we do not share any posters, graphic designs, photos with text overlay or images not wholly owned by the member organization.) 
    Becoming a member of MRTA has many benefits including: a landing page on our website, features on our social media channels, access to marketing boot camps and more. We would love to have you join our organization, find the form here.
  • Scenic photos of our region highlighting outdoor experiences ie: sunsets over the river, hiking trails, etc. You can share your photos with us on Instagram by using #DiscoverMiramichi and if we decide to share, we will be sure to credit you.
  • Links to blogs and news stories featuring our region.
  • Information about upcoming festivals or events which would attract travellers to our region.

This screenshot of our Instagram page should give you an idea of the type of content we generally post:

Content That We Do Not Post

  • Posters & Photos with Text – Unfortunately, the Facebook algorithm downgrades these posts so they are not seen by many users.
  • Images that we do not have the creator’s permission to share due to copyright concerns (ie: stock imagery).
  • Community events – for example yard sales, sporting events, religious events as these events are generally not consistent with our audience of travellers.
  • Fundraising Initiatives – (including but not limited to: hootenannys, bingos, raffles, Go Fund Me Campaigns)
  • Low resolution photos – Photos which are blurry or have poor lighting generally do not meet our standards.
  • Promotion of non-member establishments which would unduly compete with our membership.

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