Shaking Hands with the Past

Shaking Hands with the Past

Time travel is usually something only Hollywood can pull off in movies, so you can imagine that we don’t get much chance to partake in many time altering experiences.  Today we got just that chance to do so with a little help from our friends at Beaubears Island Interpretive Centre.

We all boarded into the DeLorea…… the boat, and started making our way to back to 1755.  Starting at Wilson’s Point, our guide, Nathan, started explaining to us facts about the Point and that there were people wandering around the area from a time that we never knew.

As we start to meet these people and talk with them while they tell their story, we started to get a better sense of what was really going on at the Point and on Beaubears Island.

Every walk is different.  You can do one every day of the week and get a taste of each of the 17 people that lived on the island.  The experience you are about to receive depends on who you run into on the Point and on the Island; all of whom are culturally different in their own unique way.  Starting with the Mi’kmaq People, who traded beaver pelts with the Acadians; which were not only warm, but also waterproof, making them very valuable for clothing.  To put into context, if you traded four beaver pelts you would receive a pistol.  The Acadians set up their trading post around the Island. This was originally carried out by the Governor of Acadia for his son.  Then the Scottish people settle in the area and started a ship building post off the Island.  The shipyard was responsible for constructing some of the biggest boats ever to sail from America to Europe.  I got to shake hands with some of the family members that lived through each of these time frames, each telling a completely different and intriguing story; some taking you through enormous highs, while others break your heart.

Coming back to the future there are still traces of the characters lingering around the boat, but maybe they’re just ancestors.  All in all it was a very enlightening experience with a lot of historical and cultural knowledge that can be passed on down through the generations or straight to you.

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