Blackville is a picturesque village known for its kindhearted, entertaining and lively people who have developed their own rustic language. The common greeting is, “How’s she goin’?” To which you should reply with an enthusiastic, “The very best!” With a population of just under 1000 residents, Blackville is a charming little village that is the service centre for thousands of others residing in outlying areas.Blackville content

Considered the “Salmon Fishing Capital of the Miramichi”, fly-fishermen (or “sports” as we call them) have been flocking to the Blackville area to fish the Southwest Miramichi River and its tributaries —the Renous, Cains, Dungarvon, and Bartholomew rivers —for decades. Both rustic and modern hunting and fishing lodges line their shores, offering everything from exciting day adventures on the water to quiet evenings under the stars. Celebrities often visit our mighty river, their presence kept secret by tight-lipped guides who respect their privacy. But everyone knows the story of when Marilyn Monroe came to visit. The reports of her having dangled her legs in the Miramichi River at Doctor’s Island in Blackville are legendary.

The focal point of many community events is the Municipal Park, located in the centre of the village and nestled between the Miramichi River and the Bartholomew River. With walking trails, a playground, picnic area, boat launch and an observation deck the park was the site of a bustling lumber mill in the early 1900’s where logs were run down the river from miles away to be processed.

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Playing With the Current

Today we experienced the “Tidal Run” at Gallan’s Miramichi River Tubing where after a two hour drift down the Miramichi River, we were in awe of the beautiful Southwest part of this river.                                           UPON ARRIVAL Before […]  More Details

Miramichi Folklore Park

Home of the Heritage Players – The Heritage Players is a Miramichi theater group formed in 2006 that is dedicated to preserving and presenting the region’s history and culture in a way that is educational and entertaining to today’s audiences. To date they have produced over 100 performances based on Miramichi characters.  At the Park itself, there is […]  More Details

Country Haven Lodge

Country Haven Miramichi is a 4-star, year-round outdoor adventure resort located on the riverbank of the world-famous Atlantic-salmon river, the Miramichi, located in central New Brunswick. Country Haven offers guest packages that can include air transportation from anywhere in the world, with choices ranging from “all-inclusive lodge accommodations” to “private self-catering 2- or 3-bedroom-cottage rentals”. While staying at Country Haven, […]  More Details

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