Laney & Alecia | Saying Goodbye

Laney & Alecia | Saying Goodbye

This summer, Discover Miramichi had two wonderful summer students, Laney and Alecia; but all good things must come to an end. This fall, Laney will be pursuing business at UNB while Alecia is moving on to become a pharmacy technician. Throughout the summer, the girls enjoyed dozens of “field trips” throughout the province and were excited to share their adventures with our followers. 

1.What new things did you learn about the Miramichi?

Alecia~As a summer student for Discover Miramichi, this summer I have gotten to learn and experience my hometown and all that is has to offer.  I was so shocked at just how many opportunities are available that I hadn’t even heard of! I learned about the many hidden gems here in our region, like the Little Big Bear Safari in Acadieville, Storeytown Cottages and Gordon’s Wharf.

Laney~The best part about working for Discover Miramichi was getting to know all of the great activities around our area and the experiences I’ve been missing out on. Over the course of the summer, I’ve learned just how big the Miramichi region is and I’m very thankful I had the opportunity to explore all of it. In particular, I was excited to learn about the vast history of our region, like the ship building past of Beaubears, and about Miramichi’s rich Aboriginal heritage at Metepenagiag

2. What were some of your favourite outdoor activities?

Alecia~My favorite outdoor activities that we did this summer would be paddle boarding at Storeytown Cottages, learning the history of Beaubears with the tour through time and hiking the bog trail at Kouchibouguac. When we went paddle boarding it was my very first time. I was very excited to try it out, but was very curious at how difficult it would be actually stand up? To my surprise it was not hard at all, and I can’t wait to try it again. As for Beaubears the characters did a great job explaining their part in history, and it was interesting learning about the shipbuilding that happened years ago. Lastly, the bog trail at Kouchibouguac was very ecologically diverse! It has definitely been awhile since I’ve been to Kouchibouguac, but I certainly will be back more often, it is breathtaking.

Laney~Almost every activity we’ve done all summer has been outdoors and they were all so much fun I can’t pick a favourite! I loved visiting the tipis at Metepenagiag Heritage Park, and our time at Kouchibouguac hitting the beach and walking the Bog trail. I also can’t leave out our tubing trips to both Stewarts and Gallan’s. One place is thrilling and fast paced, while the other is very relaxing and calm. Another entertaining outdoor activity that I think everyone should try out is Maurie’s Mini-Putt & Ice Cream! Even though I wasn’t a winner, I still rewarded myself with a cone of my favourite “shark bite” flavoured ice cream. There are so many flavours to choose from but don’t worry, there is a wheel of indecision if every kind sounds good to you!

3.What were some of your favourite things to do on a rainy day?

Alecia~Although we had amazing weather this summer, there were a couple rainy days. That didn’t ruin our fun however. We made the best of it by heading indoors to Creative Grounds, the Atlantic Salmon Museum and the Napan Baykery. Creative Grounds is such a cozy atmosphere, perfect for reading, listening to music and even doing business/homework. The beverages there never disappoint either, my favourite is the Miramichi Mudslide. The Atlantic Salmon Museum is a great spot to go on a rainy day as they have both an aquarium and fishing museum inside! Don’t miss the fishing hall of fame! The Napan Baykery is a very unique spot to get the tastiest goodies. I had the german cheesecake, which I would definitely recommend.

Laney~It’s so easy to spend your rainy day inside wishing that it was sunny out. Working for tourism I’ve learned that no day should be wasted when there are plenty of activities for any type of weather. My favourite rainy day activity of the summer was the Little Big Bear Safari. You can spend your evening, rain or shine, in an observation tower watching bears and their little cubs roam around below you. No need to be scared because you’re in good hands with Richard, the “bear man”. Another great option is to grab your umbrella and explore the shops and restaurants at Ritchie Wharf! There is no better sight than shopping right on the water.

4.What are some new things you tried this summer?

Alecia~ I loved trying new things this summer and going on our “field trips” as we called them. I have been tubing before, but tubing at Gallan’s this summer was a first. Comfy tubes, warm water and fun colleagues made this tubing trip a lot of fun! Another new place we went to, and it was my first time even hearing about it, is the Little Big Bear Safari. In total we saw twelve black bears from the observation treehouse. The bears would go through tunnels, reach for their food off a branch, climb up the trees and cross over a stream. This summer is the first time I had lunch at the Farmers Market! It was great seeing all the local vendors that come, I loved the meatballs and rice from Carol. 

Laney~This summer has been very eventful and everyday we’ve been trying new things! One thing I’ve experienced and absolutely loved was paddle boarding. I never even knew it existed in the Miramichi until we were sent to Storeytown Cottages to try it out. It was so much easier than we imagined and I was able to stand up with no problem. Another new thing I got to try was Capers Pub & Eatery. I’ve passed by this place many times in my life and have never gotten the chance to stop by, but I’m thankful that I finally did. They have amazing food and great service. If it’s a nice day outside, I highly recommend eating out on their patio! I loved their Southwest Breakfast Bowl. 

5. What was some of your favorite foods this summer?

Alecia~ My favourite food this summer was the Chicken Parmesan burger at Capers’. It was so good, I did not want it to end! It’s sad that I didn’t snap a picture before hand, because there certainly wasn’t anything left afterward! My other favourite treat was the homemade blueberry popsicle that we were given by Murray Tweedie of Wild Blueberry Meadows.

Laney~As we were discovering Miramichi, we also got to discover the mouthwatering foods all around the area. This summer, I got lunch from the Newcastle Farmers’ Market for the first time and it was delicious! I also tried out an avocado brownie that I’d love to go back again and get. My first time at Capers Pub & Eatery I got a seafood chowder. I love seafood and Capers’ has such a wide variety. If you haven’t been there yet, you should definitely try it. Last but certainly not least, I got to taste out blueberry jam for the first time ever. It was locally made by Murray Tweedie of Wild Blueberry Meadows, the perfect thing to top off your Napan Baykery toast. 

Discovering Miramichi with Laney & Alecia 

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