Up, Down & All Around

Up, Down & All Around

Today we spent our day exploring the French Fort Cove. The Cove is a popular attraction considering it is a multi-seasonal park. It is known for its various hiking and biking trails that draw people from all over. You can also check out the Over the Cove Zipline which is another popular tourist attraction. The park also offers kayaking and canoeing in the summer months. During the winter months there are many activities to do such as hiking, snowshoeing and skating. French Fort Cove is also kid friendly and includes a children’s playground (it is the perfect place for a family picnic!).

To start our day, we decided to check out the Over the Cove Zipline, which is the longest zipline in New Brunswick! We introduced ourselves and began putting on the gear (helmets & harnesses) with the help of the staff. They also provided us with some bags for our phones that attached to our harnesses, which was very helpful for us! Once we were all geared up we headed over to the platform. I was up first, and even though I had already been ziplining before, I was pretty nervous. The staff made us feel safe and confident which is a plus considering ziplining for the first time can be nerve-racking. After gaining enough courage to go, I jumped off the platform and began to soar. The zipline gives you the perfect bird’s eye view of the water where you can see all the people canoeing and kayaking. You can also see the people hiking along the boardwalk. Once I got to the other side, there was a staff member assuring that I got off safely. Rachel and Nathan were up next. Rachel was able to get some cool shots with the camera and Nathan was brave enough to go upside down! After we zipped back to our starting point we thanked the staff for the awesome time and gave back the gear. Although the thought of ziplining can be scary, it is something everyone should try. The feeling of gliding through the air is a feeling everyone should experience and what better place to do it than at Over the Cove ziplning right here in Miramichi!

Since French Fort Cove is known for its hiking trails, after lunch we decided to check one out. We chose to take the Fish Quarry Loop trail which loops around the cove. This trail is considered a more advanced trail and it is great for a hike (it is definitely a workout!). On our hike we saw some wildlife like frogs, butterflies and a snake! Although we didn’t see any, French Fort Cove also provides you with the chance to see deer, beavers, and many species of birds. The Fish Quarry Loop took us about an hour to complete and it lead us back out to the main cove trail. The view was amazing throughout our entire hike and there are plenty of places to stop for a break or a snack along the way!

To end our day we headed down to the dock to rent one of the canoes. There are also lifeguards on site to ensure everyone is safe. We paddled down to the boardwalk and saw some ducks and we also noticed the pretty lillypads. While we were canoeing some zip liners zipped over top of us which was really cool to see from the canoes! We paddled around for a bit enjoying the scenery, and then we returned our canoe and continued our hike back to the car.

French Fort Cove is the perfect place to spend the day. You can go for a hike, face your fears and hop on the zipline, or rent a canoe or kayak. Either way you’re guaranteed a great time all while exploring Atlantic Canada’s great outdoors!


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