Telling a Story Through Woodwork

Telling a Story Through Woodwork

If you’re looking for a relaxing weekend getaway with your family or some simple downtime by the water, Storeytown Cottages located near Doaktown, NB is the place for you. It was the perfect day to be by the water, so we figured a trip to this adventure resort would be ideal! Once we arrived, we were greeted by Christine. We introduced ourselves and she graciously showed us around. Storeytown offers 4 cottages as well as kitchenette suites. We were able to take a look inside one of the cottages and they were very homey and comfortable; a great place for the whole family, and a place we would stay in ourselves. We were also introduced to their dog (mascot) Scotch, he is a sweet dog who is very friendly and adorable, not to mention he is an ideal customer greeter! We loved meeting him and we can insure you that you will too. Storeytown Cottages offer many summer activities such as canoeing, tubing, kayaking and stand up paddle boarding. Since we have already been tubing a couple times this summer, we decided to try something new, so we chose to go canoeing! At this time we were introduced to Jeremie, who loaded the canoe on the back of the truck. Christine & Jeremie are originally from Ontario, but took over the business in 2014. Christine told us that our canoe trip would be approximately 2 hours long, and our starting point would be at the Priceville Footbridge, another Miramichi favorite. Nathan had canoed before, but I had not. I was excited to experience it for the first time, and Christine and Jeremie made me feel more than safe. The water was very calm which made for the perfect canoe run. If you have never been canoeing before, but are considering it, we definitely recommend this location because we had a lot of fun! It was both relaxing and adventurous at the same time. Along the way we saw some wildlife such as ducks and small fish. We paddled along the river until we saw the exit sign that took us back to the cottages.

Another thing we wanted to try was stand up paddle boarding and put our balance to the test. Jeremie set some out for us to try once we got back from our canoeing run. One thing to remember is to always attach your ankle strap before standing up (I forgot this the first time). Standing up on the paddle boards was not as hard as we thought, but it definitely takes some practice before getting the hang of it. We paddled down the river for a few minutes, and then decided it was time to head out on our next adventure. We collected our keys, and thanked Christine & Jeremie for the awesome day!

Our next stop was the Central NB Woodsmen Museum located in Boiestown, which is only 20 minutes away from Storeytown Cottages. We stopped in the interpretive center first and checked out the gift shop, art gallery, natural history exhibit and got a map of the museum. The staff suggested we visit the Cookhouse/Bunkhouse first where we met up with one of the characters, Thomas Boies. Thomas is the founder of Boiestown, lumberman, mill owner, and farmer. He arrived on the Upper Southwest Miramichi in 1802 and created one of the largest farms in the province containing grist and saw mills. He built a chapel, school and hotel, and sold rum, tools and imported goods to lumbermen whom he employed. One thing that we learned from Thomas, was that back in the day they used to fit 15-18 men in the same bed because the men had a tiny build. Before we left to check out the rest of the museum, Thomas offered us some black tea and  homemade molasses cookies!

We then checked out two of the machine sheds where we got to see some of the old farm machinery. We also saw an old horse drawn hearse, which was really fascinating. One of my favourite buildings at the museum is the Quonset Hut #1, this exhibition displayed things like the old McCloskey’s General Store, old barber shops and old school settings. It was cool to see how different things were back then. Lastly, we checked out the Trout Pond and Forestry Hall Of Fame. Trout Pond is home to many different sized trout. Although this pond is strictly for viewing purposes (no fishing), it is still a beautiful part of the museum. The Forestry Hall Of Fame contains photographs of people who made a contribution when it comes to the forestry industry. Nathan and I had never been to Storeytown Cottages or the Central NB Woodsmen Museum. We had an amazing day experiencing the great outdoors while canoeing at Storeytown Cottages, and learning some interesting facts about the creation of Boiestown at the Woodsmen’s Museum. If you’re in the area, make sure to check out both of these locations, we promise you won’t be disappointed!


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