Exploring Our City

Exploring Our City

Today we had another great experience exploring the City of Miramichi. Our first stop was at Camp Sheldrake located in Bartibog, NB. Camp Sheldrake is a Catholic-based camp with programs based on Christian values that focus on the theme of Social Justice. When we arrived, we were introduced to the camp director, Hillary (all camp leaders have a camp name, Hillary’s is Shadow!). Hillary has been working with Camp Sheldrake for many years and she gladly agreed to show us around. The first place she showed us was the area for team building activities which had a great view of the Miramichi River. Each activity looked interesting and well thought out!

Hillary told us that one of her favourite areas at the camp was the beach. She took us down a short trail that lead to a beautiful view of Sheldrake Island! While we walked along the beach, Hillary told us some information about Camp Sheldrake. The Child Adventure Camp is a 5 night 6 day camp experience (ages 6-11 years) which includes all the activities such as swimming, rappelling, climbing, team challenges, archery and canoeing. Camp Sheldrake also offers Mini Camps which is a 3 night 4 day camp (ages 6-11 years) that includes the same activities as The Child Adventure Camp program. They also offer a Teen Challenge Camp for ages 12-15 and a Leader in Training Camp for ages 15-17 to equip them with skills to eventually become a day camp counsellor.

When we got to the end of our walk we met up with the rest of the camp leaders and the kids who were preparing for their canoe trip over to MacDonald’s Farm for a tour! Hillary told us that this is an activity they do often and MacDonald’s Farm always enjoys seeing them. We continued our tour over to the rock wall where the kids can also go zip lining and rappelling. Hillary let us climb to the top and we took some cool pictures. We headed over to the cabins and took a look inside. Each cabin had a very camp-like environment with bunk beds and a washroom inside each one. Hillary also told us that the camp leaders take turns staying awake outside the cabins to ensure that all the kids are safe. Before ending our tour, Hillary showed us the archery station, the hall that is used for games on rainy days, and the dining hall and arts and crafts area. If you have children who are interested in attending a summer camp, Camp Sheldrake is the perfect place for children of all ages!
After visiting Camp Sheldrake, we stopped at Sunrise Campground which also has a great view of the Miramichi River and Sheldrake Island. Sunrise Campground offers an arcade, swimming pool and wireless internet access. Even if you’re not camping there, for a small fee, the swimming pool is open to the public. Gordon’s Wharf beach is only a short drive away from the campground as well as MacDonald’s Farm. There is also a fully services canteen on site.

After lunch we headed over to the Miramichi History Museum. It was a first time for Nathan and I as neither of us had been to the museum before. The museum was originally founded in 1897 and inside there are many historical artifacts. One thing that I found Interesting was the display of animals they had. The display showed all types of birds, mammals, and amphibians. Some of which I had never seen or heard of before. Another cool display was all the old cameras. All the cameras were much bigger and looked way more equipped than the ones that are popular now. There are many other displays like the Canadian National Railways Chatham Station display, Tommy the moose, Native Canadian Display, the famous eight legged cat and much more. The Miramichi History Museum is a great place that can help you learn what life was like in the past and how different it is now.

To end our day we decided to go to Middle Island Irish Historical Park. The park has a beautiful beach and hiking trails and it is a great place for bird watching. There are many picnic tables, murals and if you’re feeling hungry, there is an on-site restaurant called Captain’s Galley. Middle Island also allows people to donate a bench. If you choose to donate, a plaque of your choice will be engraved and placed on the bench. You can also choose the location of your bench. During Irish Festival weekend and New Brunswick day, Middle Island offers family fun events.
Discovering all the attractions in the Miramichi area has become one of our new favourite things to do! If you’re thinking about visiting the Miramichi region, you definitely should. There is always something to do and places to see!

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