A Taste of Metepenagiag “Ookdotaan” – Metepenagiag Heritage Park

A Taste of Metepenagiag “Ookdotaan” – Metepenagiag Heritage Park

Your personal, guided tour of the 3,000-year-old Aboriginal community and Heritage Park begins with the heavenly aromas of the cooking fire and traditional food. It continues with a stop at the Interpretation Centre to view the exhibits and learn more about the lives of the people who called this land ‘home.’ Gather fresh ingredients for the tea that will be served with food prepared in an outdoor cooking shelter. Sit down to listen to stories of Metepenagiag before sampling seasonal fish or summer game with wild rice, traditional bread and fragrant cedar tea. Don’t forget to linger around the campfire to hear more stories about this ancient way of life.


2015-06-01 – 2015-10-31


  • $18.95/person; $65.95/family (see website for other available rates)
  • Offered daily
  • Call to book on weekends