Playing With the Current

48 Kersey Lane Route 118 Hwy, Doyles Brook, NB
E9E 2H9

Today we experienced the “Tidal Run” at Gallan’s Miramichi River Tubing where after a two hour drift down the Miramichi River, we were in awe of the beautiful Southwest part of this river.























Before going to the sign up desk we gathered our supplies. We each brought our own plastic water bottle (glass is not allowed), sunscreen, plastic bags for our phones. Typically, they and anyone else wouldn’t encourage risking the mix of electronics and water, but we took our chances to be able to share this experience with all of you.


Five minutes after preparing our belongings, we headed down to the desk to sign a waiver and get our instructions.  This process is fast and efficient. As soon as we finished signing, the shuttle van arrived; ready to bring us down to the tube selections. The driver was pleasant and laid back. He told us that Gallan’s has been in business for 10 years now, wow! Still considered a younger attraction, they have quite the following. I was excited to see what all the fuss was about.

Driving downhill through a large opening of trees we came to a stop at our drop off point. We see the Miramichi River every day. Some may take it for granted. However, getting to interact with the water gives it a whole new perspective. At this point, we were being handed large blue and green tubes as well as a cooler tube for our electronics. To make it more interesting, we also got to buckle the tubes together so we could talk away and nobody gets left behind! The tubes are comfortable and firm. They even have cup holders. Very convenient!























Finally, the only thing left to do was get in the water. One by one we shuffled down the slanted bank and hopped right in our tubes. Some are bigger than others, but for the most part they keep you slightly above the water so you don’t have to get too wet if you don’t want to.

The run we were about to take would lead us with the current along the right side of the river. There is a bridge to pass under about 30 minutes to an hour in, depending on how fast the flow is that day. Afterwards we would have to lookout for a high hanging tube approximately another half hour to an hour down the river. This signifies the exit point. The scout near the exit is ready and waiting to retrieve anyone who happens to float past the exit point.






















Floating down the river, any worries you may have are gone with the wind. I was instantly busy being entertained by the bass jumping all around us and the sun sparkling on the water. I shut off my brain and enjoyed the moment. We all did. The two hours felt more like five minutes. Once we saw the exit tube hanging from a distance there was a moment of disappointment, where had all that time gone? Too busy laughing and splashing each other to consider how long we’d been going for, that’s how we knew we were making memories.


We took our sweet time paddling towards the exit, milking every last second on the river. Their scout patiently waited for us to arrive so he could unbuckle the tubes and lead us back up to the parking lot. He asked about our experience and thanked us for coming to Gallan’s. Next time we would be sure to test out the longer (rapids) run on a day with fast moving current! Being able to choose between relaxation or adrenaline is important to provide fun and memorable experiences. I guarantee that you’ll be planning your next visit before heading off the property. Or if you don’t want to leave the fun behind, the owners of Gallan’s Miramichi River Tubing also own absolute outfitters where you can book a lodge or cabin for an extended stay. Or, there is a campground right next door. If interested, you can contact Rte 118 Convenience for availabilities (506-622-7007), or 20 minutes away there is the Enclosure Campground. Do it your way!

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