Miramichi Monday #6: ASM, Doak House & more!


This week I made the pilgrimage back to Doaktown for another round of fun! You’re never too old to go to camp, as I realized when I joined “Come Play on Our River” at the Atlantic Salmon Museum. The camp is geared toward children aged 6-12 where they learn skills such as fly fishing, fly tying, about conservation and canoe safety skills. I was lucky, when I was growing up I spent lots of time outdoors with my dad hunting, fishing and being in the woods. Honestly, there is nothing quite as enjoyable as a meal you caught yourself. This camp allows children who may not necessarily be exposed to an outdoor lifestyle gain an appreciation for nature. I enjoyed a canoe run with the campers down the beautiful Miramichi river. The campers learned what to do if someone falls out of the canoe or the canoe flips, what to do if you encounter a thunder storm (which we did) and how to get unstuck in shallow water. Talking with the kids afterward they were all very excited to tell me how they learned to tie the black ghost fly. I wish I knew how to tie flies, think I could disguise myself as a tall chubby 12 year old for next year?

Visit the ASM on August 13 for the Car Wash a Thon with all money raised going to support the Come Play on Our River program!

See the video below!

The Atlantic Salmon museum has lots of conservation information about the salmon and how they contribute to our economy. They even have a fishing hall of fame!

After visiting the Atlantic Salmon Museum I headed to the Doak house, the former residence of Squire Robert Doak. You are greeted by characters dressed in traditional 1800s garb. The house itself has many original artifacts including a spinning wheel. Outdoors is a community garden with a wide variety of vegetables and you can admire the massive horses. Every Wednesday they offer artisan classes. This Wednesday (August 10) you can learn to make butter while next weekend is cheese. The classes begin at ten am!





Since the Napan Fair is coming up this week, I thought I better test out the Napan Bakery. I treated the boss lady to some sweets that we enjoyed! Located in downtown Chatham the Napan bakery is a German bakery with many delightful pastries and breads. We tried out the cheesecake and Vienna pastry (stuffed with hazelnut). Yum!




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