Miramichi Mondays with Chels #1 July 3

Miramichi Region

I spent the past two months exploring Europe with its delicious food, beautiful landscapes and impressive architecture. I’ve come home and been antsy after spending everyday having a new adventure. Today, I was reminded that sometimes we get so busy exploring the world that we forget to explore what’s in our own back yard! I am so excited to take on these Miramichi Mondays where I visit “my backyard”, all the attractions in the area!

I guess I will actually start my Miramichi Mondays by telling you about my Sunday. On Sunday I was on my way home to Nelson when I decided to stop and check out Symphony at Sunset at Beaubears Island interpretive centre. Every Sunday throughout the summer they are hosting live music with an outstanding view of the river. I was treated to the musical goodness of Wade “the Stomper” Hallihan last night who even played us a few of his originals. “There are three things that got me here, the good Lord, Merle Haggard and cold Moosehead beer”! http://www.beaubearsisland.com/

I started off this morning heading to Middle Island Park. When the Irish were immigrating to Canada the conditions could be described as horrible as best. Greed overtook basic humanity and places in the cargo hold were sold to low class passengers. The passengers would be in the cargo with no place to lie down except with the rats. These conditions led to the spread of scarlet fever among the passengers. It was at Middle Island where the passengers were held for quarantine. For this reason many of Canada’s Irish Festival celebrations are held there! Today, Middle Island has walking trails with a beautiful vista of the river, an interpretive centre and restaurant Captain’s Galley. I was a bit too early to visit the restaurant but I am sure I’ll be back.

At Middle Island I caught up with Laura and Vanessa who are organizers of Miramichi’s first Yoga Festival. The Festival is going to be at Middle Island and is an easy way to be introduced to yoga. There’s even a class for the whole family. The girls told me that although there is a lot of yoga going on in Miramichi, it is in smaller pockets all over the river. They want to use this event to bring the community together. It also will act as an introduction to yoga for those who may not have necessarily checked it out before. By holding the event at Middle Island they hope to show that yoga doesn’t have to be done in a gym. It can be done in the comfort of your living room or on an island which once held sickly passengers. Yoga can be anytime, anywhere. They were even patient showing me some of their moves. They were much better at them than I was. If I can do yoga, so can you! To check out the event click here! https://www.facebook.com/events/1844164899143992/

After all the stretching I of course needed a reward. I haven’t been to the Rodd’s Restaurant 1809 since renovations took place. What better day to enjoy their plates than a beautiful sunny day like today. I met the Chef, Jesse Macdonald who has been coming up with innovative new dishes and putting twists on classic favorites. One of the dishes I was a bit too early for but caught a glimpse of was the Farm to Table special. 1809 has been sourcing ingredients for this special solely from New Brunswick and each night there’s a new option. It made my mouth water for sure and it is so nice to support locally. Ultimately, I decided to go with the fish and chip. The fish was so fresh and the fries were seasoned perfectly. For dessert I had some edible art: the Carrot Trifle. The cake itself was delicious while the fresh cream on top was the perfect touch. Since it was lunch on a hot day I had the friendly bartender Erin whip me up a sangria and it was hands down one of the best on the river. It was cold, crisp and the service was friendly! Word on the street is they have started $5 Fridays where Sangria is $5 (so is draft, nachos, kettle chips and chipotle lime salmon dip!). I was invited back to their patio party on July 13 and can’t wait to check out these specials! You’ll have to twist my arm to try another one of those sangria’s I’m sure.

Join me next week when I head to Kouchibouguac (hard to say, harder to spell but impossible to forget!) For live updates follow us on twitter @discMiramichi or Instagram @discovermiramichi

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