Miramichi Mondays #3: Upper Miramichi, Irish Fest & More

Miramichi Region

It has been another busy week on the road for me! My blogging skills have become in high demand! I have been loving every minute of my adventures in the Miramichi region.

July 13
I made my first trip of the summer to Upper Miramichi! Upper Miramichi is home to some world class outfitters which I found out while visiting Ledges Inn. The Ledges is tucked away on the water offering privacy while being only minutes from the main attractions. There is a large board room making it an ideal place for a corporate retreat. The rooms offer magnificent views of the water and would be the perfect place to get away while snowmobiling with a cozy fire place in the room. Given the temperatures this week it’s hard to picture snowmobiling just yet! www.ledgesinn.com

Ledges Bed Room

Beautiful Place for a Meeting

Ledges Inn, a beautiful hideaway

I then headeded even further up Miramichi to The Woodmen’s Museum. The Woodmen’s Museum offers many artifacts outlining the logging history of Miramichi. A Music Hall of fame offers familiar faces while the natural history portion shows many unique specimens native to Miramichi; A boat house displays traditional logging boats as well as the Centennial canoe which was paddled from BC to Expo 67 Montreal. I was a bit too early as they plan on having train rides around the property leading to delicious home cooked sweets later on in the season. The Lumberjack games will also be held at the Woodmen’s Museum on August 13 with national and international champions scheduled to compete. www.woodmensmuseum.com

Woodmens Museum Galleries

Centennial & Traditional Canoe

July 14
Today marks the first day of the Irish Festival! I headed to the Miramichi Golf & Country Club for the Ceremonial Tee off into river where I was joined by MP Pat Finnigan and festival headliners Raglan Road. All of the fellas were successful in their swinging and not a single car window was broken. I also sampled the lobster dip at Mulligan’s Restaurant. There is seating overlooking the golf course offering a magnificent view of the greens. The dip was a 10/10 with perfectly seasoned chips! I sampled the Moosehead Pale Ale which paired perfectly with the dip! It is always nice to support our local New Brunswick breweries. miramichigolfclub.ca

Lobster Dip Compliments of Mulligans

MP Finnigan taking the ceremonial shot into the river

A fine group of gentlemen readying for Irish Festival

July 15
I was a little apprehensive at first when I was invited to the Miramichi Dragway park as I would almost rather watch paint dry over a Nascar Race. Boy was I ever wrong. What a thrill!!! Cars were lifting as they were taking off and they were reaching speeds of 180+ mph! I was so amazed I even returned when my shift was over to check out the rest of the speed demos! miramichidragwaypark.com



After the speedway I headed down to Waterford Green to check out the Irish festival. Family crests were on a backdrop of the beautiful bridge. Vendors sold awesome goods and I almost ran away with the delicious soaps from Sweet Soaperie! I grabbed a quick lunch at O’Donaghues where I met a kind tourist from Saskatchewan and in true Irish fashion we enjoyed Guinness and a lovely chat!



As if you thought my day could be more exciting. I finished off my evening at the 1809 for the Rodd’s Patio party. Every Friday there’s $5 sangria, draft beer, nachos, salmon dip and kettle chips. I would show you the salmon dip as well but I inhaled it before I could get a photo. I have had sangria in Spain and 1809’s is quite a rival. As usual Chef Jesse MacDonald amazes in everything from seafood to pub fare. We would also like to give a special shout out to our server Kate who was a pleasure to have as a waitress. Roddvacations.com/Dining



I also got to head back to the Irish Festival Saturday night and the green was PACKED. Raglan Road had an awesome performance and the crowd demanded an encore! The best Irish festival so far and they just keep getting better! There are no words to even describe how amazing the volunteers who make this event happen are. Thanks so much from all of us in the Miramichi region! canadasirishfest.com

July 18
Today reminded me just how awesome the people of the Miramichi Region are. I headed once again to Upper Miramichi. It’s truly amazing the world class outfitters we have right here in our neck of the woods. I had the pleasure of going to Wilson’s sporting lodges where the whole family pitches in. The entire Wilson clan shows exceptional kindness! I spent some time with guide Karl Wilson and a sportsman from Maine. Karl was knowledgable about the river and the sportsman recounted how his father used to come all the way from Massachusetts to hunt and fish the Miramichi region in the 1920s and he still continues that tradition today. Even though we didn’t have any luck with the salmon, it was a morning filled with amazing conversation which is half the joy of fishing! wilsonscamps.nb.ca



Wilson’s is very close to the Priceville Footbridge which I thought of taking advantage of. At 200m it is the longest footbridge in NB and also was the longest five minutes of my life. At the foot of the bridge there is a story about the previous bridge which claimed the life of 3 people. I thought I was going to be the fourth by taking a heart attack midway through but I survived. It’s a pretty big adrenaline rush!


I enjoyed a fresh turkey club and soup from the Village family restaurant at lunch time where they had many delicious looking desserts featured all of which are baked fresh on site!

Have you ever had one of those moments where you’re like “Yeah I’m in pretty good shape” and then do a physical activity and realize how dead wrong you are. Well that was my adventure in kayaking today. The rowing machine at River City Fitness got nothing on facing a real life rapids. I had a blast paddling down the Miramichi river in a kayak. Christine and Jeremie offered amazing hospitality and didn’t laugh at me (much) when I missed the turn off to come in because I was busy admiring the scenery! Not only do they have kayaking at Storeytown cottages but there is also stand up paddle boards and tubing. The river has calm spurts and fun little rapids that give you a nice push along. If you’re lucky they might even turn you backwards and that is a real adventure! If you want to be in the heart of the action they have cottages and suites all equipped with kitchenettes. The accommodations were spacious and clean. They even had a hot tub overlooking the river. Can’t wait to come back again soon!




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