Gaston Adventure Tours

11 Russell & Swim Street
E9C 1N3

Let Gaston Adventure Tours take you on a guided river tour on the world famous Main Southwest Miramichi River. Take the signature tour by vehicle deep into the forest at the upper reaches of the river—find yourself at the brink of New Brunswick’s highest water fall spilling through mineral rich rock and old growth forest after a 10 minute hike. Bring a lunch and relax, and hear stories about the river and the people who settled on it. Keep an eye out on your trip for deer, moose, or if you are lucky, the splash of an Atlantic Salmon as it fights its way up river to spawn. Guided canoe trips are also available. Canoe stretches of the Miramichi River and experience a relaxing adventure on the water.

Contact Gaston Adventure Tours to customize a tour to meet your needs.

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