Econo Lodge

365 Pleasant Street
E1V 1X4

During your stay at the Econo Lodge Miramichi, you will have the choice of one of thirty-eight clean, well-appointed and cozy hotel rooms overlooking the scenic Miramichi River.  The Econo Lodge is in the heart of Miramichi, it is very close to popular tourist attractions, government and city offices, major banks, local businesses and many parks, making it a very convenient place to stay.

Whether you are travelling on business or with your family, you will experience the real home away from home experience in The Econo Lodge. They take pride in their hospitable staff as well. Once you have booked your accommodations, all you need to do is make yourself at home and let the friendly staff take care of the rest.

The hotel boasts a premier dining experience. Famous for its cozy facilities and specially chosen tasteful menu which includes, Korean, Chinese, Indian, and Japanese foods, Chatters Restaurant has something for everyone. From Thursday to Saturday evenings, be delighted by traditional, hand-rolled sushi served with tempura and miso soup. During the summer months, the expansive patio seating area offers the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail and watch the sun go down. Book a room today and discover the real comfort in Miramichi.

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