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Appreciating Our Roots

Time flies by, especially over the course of the summer holidays. For us, who will soon been stepping into our new adventure as university students, it really flew by quicker than we could’ve imagined. I guess we were all just having fun, because that’s when time flies the fastest. This summer we were given the opportunity to work for Discover Miramichi.

While working for Discover Miramichi I, Sarah MacCallum, had the opportunity to explore the Miramichi region and learn so many new things along the way. I had never worked in the tourism branch before, so the idea of the job itself was new to me. I have always loved adventuring and trying new things, so I knew that working for Discover Miramichi would be something I would enjoy! Some of my favourite things I did this summer was hiking at Kouchibouguac National Park, Ziplining at Over the Cove Zipline, and setting up teepees at Metepenagiag Heritage Park. I never knew Kouchibouguac had so many hiking trails and that setting up a teepee requires many specific steps before obtaining the perfect outcome.  This summer I was also able to experience many things for the first time such at tubing at Gallan’s Tubing, fly fishing at Wilson’s Sporting Camps, paddle boarding at Storeytown Cottages (which I learned is a lot harder than it looks and requires a lot of practice) and I also attended my very first Pow Wow! Throughout the summer I also learned some interesting facts about our region that I never knew before.  While paddling past Wilson’s Point on the Voyageur Canoe Experience at Beaubears Island, I learned that once coupled, bald eagles will mate for life. While spending the day in Tabusintac, I learned that running a U pick farm takes a lot of hard work from the staff at Cowassaget Brook farms. Lastly, I learned about all the amazing opportunities I was missing out on. Working in tourism has allowed me to take part in all the amazing activities in the city I call home.  I used to be one of the people who complained about having nothing to do in Miramichi, but working for Discover Miramichi has changed my mindset completely and has taught me there are always things to do and places to see in Miramichi!

I, Nathan MacDiarmid, got to experience a whole different side of the Miramichi region I had no idea existed! After spending a year long Rotary Youth Exchange in Belgium, August 2018 to July 2019, it really gave me the chance to see my home town in a completely different light. Before I left on my exchange, I had no idea what all there was to do in my region, I had been all over the Atlantic region playing hockey and baseball, but I had never taken a step back and fully indulged in what our city has to offer. Aside from just touring around, I was given the opportunity to learn about social online marketing. Seeing first hand what it takes to get tourists and visitors to the city from other places around the Atlantic region, and the world, or even visitors from Miramichi who want to get to know their city a little better. I have seen countless different tourist attractions in and around Miramichi all the while forming bonds with two new friends making plenty of new and interesting memories. Learning about Miramichi’s history and culture one visit at a time, I really got to see my hometown in a different, more appreciative, light.

Time to Cork Your Boots and Go Ashore

“Time to cork your boots and come aboard!” – Azade Haché. Story time with Azade on his famous boat – the Max Atiken kept us thoroughly entertained for a couple hours as we sailed down and back the Miramichi River.  Having had Azade as a teacher in middle school, I could always remember him talkingContinue Reading

A Foodie’s Roadtrip through Miramichi (5 Days)

The Miramichi brings together an eclectic mix of Acadian, Irish, Scottish & Mi’kmaq flavours. Savour fresh ingredients like wild blueberries or fresh from the wharf lobster. Day One (Upper Miramichi) Arrive at the 4.5 star Ledges Inn and relax while taking in splendid views of the river or perhaps even try angling. Everyday has itsContinue Reading