A Tube-Tastic Experience

A Tube-Tastic Experience

Don’t you just love being able to sit back and relax while floating in a tube down the Miramichi river? If you answered yes, then Stewart’s Tubing is the place for you! As summer students for Discover Miramichi we are always looking for new activities to partake in. The forecast called for beach weather, so we figured what better way to spend it than on the river! Once we arrived at Stewart’s Tubing, we were kindly greeted by Tasha who took our keys and told us where the life jackets were if we felt they were necessary. She was also able to answer any questions we had about the tubing process. We were then instructed to wait for the shuttle which would take us to our launching point. In the meantime, we took advantage of the wait and took some funny pictures in their cut out boards.

Once we hopped on the shuttle, Linda Stewart introduced herself as the owner of Stewarts Tubing. With her upbeat personality she was able to carefully explain the directions and told us that the run would be approximately two hours long (you can also check the Stewart’s Tubing Facebook page to see current times and water conditions). Most importantly she told us to have fun and be safe before getting off the shuttle! At this time, we also met some new friends who were just as excited as we were and agreed to be in some of our photos and videos.

With bathing suits on and tubes in our hands we headed down to the water. One thing that was very helpful for us was the extra (dog) tube they gave us to secure our equipment. The water was cold at first, but we eventually got used to it and began our adventure. The float down the river was leisurely and relaxing, and offered wonderful scenery and views. Although we didn’t see more than a couple minnows, there are plenty of chances to view wildlife along the bank. There were some areas on the water where the current was faster paced which was one of our favourite parts. Stewart’s Tubing is definitely the perfect place to unwind and have fun at the same time. The employees at Stewart’s were very generous and told us that as students we were more than welcome to get on their safety boat that goes up and down the river to check on customers during their tubing runs. Nathan decided to go and was able to get some great shots!

When we got to the end of the run, we returned our tubes and were asked about our day. We then went back to the main office where Tasha returned our keys. Stewart’s tubing is a great place for all members of the family including furry friends. Their friendly staff and comfortable tubes mixed with our beautiful river calls for an unforgettable time!






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