Salmon Fishing

It’s no secret that the Miramichi is one of the best salmon-fishing rivers in the world. Come stay at one our many fishing resorts and experience the zen of casting your fly while the river flows slowly past; and the thrill of reeling in the legendary Atlantic salmon. From your first step into the  salmon pool until the last bite of diner, fly fishing on the Miramichi is truly an experience you’ll never forget. 

  • The yearly fishing quota for small salmon (grilse) will remain at zero in the Atlantic salmon recreational fishery. As in 2015, anglers will be required to release all Atlantic salmon during the angling season.
  • Please note that all tags distributed with the provincial salmon angling license in the Province of New Brunswick are to be used solely on Landlocked salmon in prescribed waters defined in the provincial angling guide:

Bass Fishing

Here are the management measures for the 2016 recreational striped bass fishery:

Fishing season

  • The recreational striped bass fishery will take place from May 1 to October 31, 2016.
  • Striped bass can be caught and released throughout the fishing season.
  • From May 9 to 29, from July 30 to August 21, from September 2 to 5, and from October 22 to 30, 2016, anglers will be able to retain a maximum of one striped bass per day and are prohibited from possessing more than one striped bass at any given time.

Retention sizes

  • As in 2015, the maximum retainable fish size is 65 centimeters in order to protect the large spawners in the system that produce the largest amount of eggs and offer the greatest contribution to recruitment. The minimum retention size of 50 centimeters aims to minimize the catch of fish that are not yet mature.

Gear restrictions

  • For both the retention and the catch and release fisheries, it is mandatory to use single non-offset barbless hooks (when using bait) throughout the Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence.
  • This type of hook decreases the chances of mortality when a fish is returned to the water, especially important during catch and release periods.

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