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The Nor’West

The Nor’West

Metepenagiag, Red Bank, Sunny Corner, South Esk & Eel Ground

Red Bank is located where the Little Southwest and Northwest Miramichi Rivers meet, and its traditional name is Metepenagiag (MET-DEH-B’-NAH-GHEE-AGH). Known as the “Village of Thirty Centuries”, Metepenagiag is the oldest community in New Brunswick. Metepenagiag along with the neighbouring First Nation community of Eel Ground (Natoaganeg) host annual Pow Wows, celebrating their culture through traditional dance, food, drumming and regalia.

Tradition, conservation and respect for nature are prevalent in this area of the Miramichi. The oldest fish hatchery in Canada is located in South Esk providing valuable salmon research while working to enhance salmon populations in the Miramichi watershed.

Many outfitters offer hunting and fishing excursions and tubing is very popular. A modern lodge near the new Metepenagiag Heritage Park provides conference facilities. Sunny Corner is the local service centre providing necessary conveniences and amenities.

Pauline Young ART

    Pauline Young is a Mi’kmaq visual artist from Metepenagiag First Nation, Daughter of the late Phillip Young international reknowned artist. Pjila’si    More Details

Metepenagiag Lodge

Surrounded by nature with stunning views of the Miramichi River, this year-round operation offers accommodations, dining and conference room facilities. The beautiful 10-bedroom cedar lodge sits high on the banks overlooking the river and is just 20 minutes outside the city of Miramichi. Relax on the tranquil grounds, feast on traditional local cuisine, and visit […]  More Details

Upper Oxbow Adventures

For over 190 years the Blackmore family has been in the business of providing the best Atlantic Salmon angling and outdoor adventure experiences on the Miramichi. We took up residence on the banks of the Little Southwest Miramichi in 1823 where we have been stewards of the river for six generations. Today, we continue that […]  More Details

Metepenagiag Heritage Park

Pjila’si… Welcome to Metepenagiag, where people have lived continuously for over 3,000 years. Metepenagiag Heritage Park is a state of the art facility that tells the story of the Mi’kmaq of Metepenagiag. There is much to discover at Metepenagiag Heritage Park. Experience the Mi’kmaq culture that has existed here for over 30 centuries. Enjoy the music and listen to the […]  More Details

Miramichi Salmon Conservation Centre

The Miramichi Salmon Conservation Centre (MSCC) is the oldest operating Atlantic salmon hatchery in Canada. Located in South Esk, New Brunswick, the facility is only 5km west of the City of Miramichi. The first buildings and ponds were constructed in 1873 and Atlantic salmon eggs were collected for incubation that year. The MSCC has operated continuously since that time […]  More Details

Stewart’s Tubing

Sit back and enjoy a lazy day floating on an inner tube down the Miramichi River with Stewart’s Tubing, the original tubing destination on the Miramichi. All ages are welcome! Non-swimmers should bring own PFD. Free Parking and Shuttle service, takeout facilities, convenience store, ice cream shop, picnic area, changing and washroom facilities all on site. Campgrounds and cottages […]  More Details