Experience Miramichi in 2017

The quaint logging village of Boiestown, the rich in Acadian Culture Miramichi Bay, the scenic Tabusintac,  the white sand beaches of Kouchibouguac and everything in between make up the beautiful Miramichi River Region. In 2017, experience Miramichi like never before!  

Welcome to the World of Timber Sports Boiestown
Experience the excitement of world-class timbersports with VIP access to a full day of competition events such as the axe throw or hot saw! ($15-30)
Contact: woodmen@nb.aibn.com 

Glacial Floatation on the Miramichi River Mcnamee
Learn about the Glacial History of this famous river then explore the natural surroundings – ($279)
Contact: wilsons@nbnet.nb.ca / (506) 365-7962 

 Come Play on Our RiverDoaktown
Give your child a true Miramichi experience. Day campers aged 6-12 enjoy five days of making new friends, learning new skills (fly tying, casting, canoe safety) and having fun on the river – ($125) 
Contact: museum@nbnet.nb.ca / (506) 365-7787 

Making a Memory Doaktown
Learn the bygone arts of weaving, butter making and rug hooking among the 19th-century surroundings of historic Doak House. Costumed guides provide expert instruction. ($5-25)
Contact: museum@nbnet.nb.ca 

 Touring in Style on the Miramichi – Gray Rapids
Plan to Get Away with this retreat to the cosy Country Haven cottage, enjoy an afternoon of fun wheeling in a comfy side by side along scenic riverside trails. ($275) 
Contact: flyhook@nbnet.nb.ca / 1-877-359-4665

Fish in the Private Pools Gray Rapids
Fish private pools on one of the world’s renowned salmon rivers at Country Haven Lodge and end the day with a delicious salmon supper. ($190) 
Contact: flyhook@nbnet.nb.ca / 1-877-359-4665

Tours Through Time Nelson-Miramichi
This boat trip into history takes you to a 19th-century shipbuilding site on Beaubear’s Island where ‘locals’ from the past tell the tales of our ancestry ($20-25)
Contact: info@BeaubearsIsland.ca / (506) 624-4485  

Beaubears’ Big Canoe AdventureNelson-Miramichi
Travel to Beaubears’ Island by Voyageur canoe just as the first settlers did. Once there, learn about the shipbuilding industry and Acadian history. Light snack included. ($20) 
Contact: info@BeaubearsIsland.ca / (506) 624-4485  

Tipi Retreats Metepenagiag Heritage Park
Take your appreciation of Mi’kmaq culture to a whole new level with an overnight retreat in a tipi and an evening of storytelling by the campfire. ($65-95) 
Contact: info@metpark.ca / (506) 836-6118 

 A Taste of Metepenagiag “Ookdotaan” – Metepenagiag Heritage Park
Help prepare a traditional aboriginal meal at an outdoor cooking shelter. Linger by the campfire to hear more about aboriginal tradition and culture. ($18.95-65.95) 
Contact: info@metpark.ca / (506) 836-6118 

Wild Atlantic Salmon, the Whole ExperienceSillikers
Enjoy a half- or full-day guided salmon fly-fishing adventure on the river at Upper Oxbow followed by a mouth-watering meal at the lodge. ($180-225) 
Contact: adventures@upperoxbow.com / (506) 622-8834 

Ship TalesMiramichi
Join Miramichi River Boat Tours to cruise the Miramichi River while listening to Captain Haché’s captivating tales of local characters and culture. Engaging entertainment for guests of any age!
Contact: hache12@nb.sympatico.ca / (506) 623-9821  

Folk Song Feast & FunMiramichi
Enjoy a delicious meal, riverboat cruise, evening concert and jam session at Canada’s longest running folk festival! ($45)
Contact: susanbutler@xplornet.com / (506) 622-1780 

Fishermen’s Powwow Miramichi
Be part of the spirit of peace and friendship of First Nations at this celebration featuring a Sunrise Ceremony, Parade of Boats, music, dance and artisans. (NC) 
Contact: fishermenpowwow@hotmail.com / (506) 424-1340 


Dare the Dark with the Headless Nun Miramichi
Go into the depths of French Fort Cove as you uncover the legend of the Headless Nun. Surprises await at every turn! ($10)
Contact: info@beaubearsisland.ca / 506-623-2062 


Beaverbrook’s Finest Hour, Winning the Battle of Britain!Miramichi
The stories of Lord Beaverbrook and his role in WWII come to life when told by Beaverbrook in “character” at his childhood home (the Beaverbrook House) in Miramichi. ($12)
Contact: beaverbrookhouse@nb.aibn.com / (506) 622-5572 

Down on the FarmLower Newcastle
City folk spend the day helping around MacDonald farm! Feed and pet animals; ride the horse and wagon. Gather eggs and help in the garden.($15-40) 
Contact: info@macdonaldfarm.ca / (506) 778-6085

Follow the Steps of Charlotte Taylor Tabusintac
Step back in time with the ‘Mother of Tabusintac’, Charlotte Taylor, as you visit historic sites once inhabited by her in the 1800s. ($10) 
Contact: tabusintaclibrarym@nb.aliant.net / (506) 779-1918 

Fun at the Country Fair Napan
Be special guests at this 100% country fair where a farmer will guide you and your family through the events and the locals will welcome you warmly. ($29)
Contact: show@napan.com / (506) 773-6204 

Voyageur Canoe AdventureKouchibouguac National Park
Paddle to sandy barrier islands with other adventurers on board our Voyageur Canoe. Be on the lookout for seals, terns, ospreys, bald eagles and much more. ($35)
Contact: kouch.info@pc.gc.ca / (506) 876-2443