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Miramichi Folklore Park

46 Memory Lane
E9E 2E3

Home of the Heritage Players

The Heritage Players is a Miramichi theater group formed in 2006 that is dedicated to preserving and presenting the region’s history and culture in a way that is educational and entertaining to today’s audiences. To date they have produced over 100 performances based on Miramichi characters. At the Park itself, there’s much to offer visitors. During the day, the park’s manager and well-informed summer students are on hand. There is a gift shop where you can find Miramichi books, music, arts and crafts as well as antiques collected from the local area. You will also find ice cream and snack sales, family games, trailer and tent camping as well as a picnicking area next to the duck pond. Visitors are also invited to view the library of Miramichi music, poetry, literature, genealogy as well as many local artifacts including old ledgers, maps and the boot from a drowned logger.

Every week there will be a “Friday Night Racket in Renous” from 8 till 11 pm. This will feature Miramichi musicians playing the music they love, whether it’s rock ‘n’ roll, country, blues, folk, gospel, jazz or bluegrass. There is also a musicians’ jam every Wednesday evening starting at 6:30.



Hours / Seasons of Operation:

June--Tuesday through Saturday--9 am till 5 pm
July and August--Tuesday through Saturday--1 till 9 pm
September--Tuesday through Saturday--9 am till 5 pm.